Deployment between companies using the Apple Developer Enterprise Program

RoyStringerRoyStringer USMember

I have a question regarding the Apple Developer Enterprise Program - conversations with Apple have not been helpful.

We've developed a Xamarin app within our company for internal deployment via an MDM to employees of a second company. Apple have stated that the Enterprise Program is for internal deployment to our own employees. Does anyone know whether there is any technical reason why we can't use the Enterprise Program in this scenario and if not, what is the alternative?


  • seanydaseanyda ✭✭✭✭✭ GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Tricky one... but I see where Apple are coming from. Why can't you make the Apple Developer account under the other companies name to deploy it?

    If the company sent over a list of UDID's you could allow them devices in the provisional profile to download the app by signing it with that profile whilst archiving. You can then drag and drop the IPA via iTunes (far from ideal I know).

  • RoyStringerRoyStringer USMember

    The second company have a number of other apps from different developer companies and that seems to work OK, somehow. I don't think they've signed up to the Enterprise Program but I'll check. Managing UDIDs is a non-starter - it would be a nightmare to maintain.

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