Login with GitHub in Xamarin forms application

Hi All,

I need to integrate the GitHub login integration in my xamarin forms application using Xamarin Auth. I have used the below code using Oauth.

var auth = new OAuth2Authenticator(
clientId: Constants.GitHubClientId,
scope: "",
authorizeUrl: new Uri(Constants.GitHubAuthorisationURL),
redirectUrl: new Uri(Constants.GitHubCallBackURL),
accessTokenUrl: new Uri(Constants.GitHubAccessTokenURL))

I can launch the GitHub login page and able to authenticate the application. But, i need to get the user details(Name, Email) of the logged in user. what is the API used for this purpose in GitHub login integration. I have been searching for the GitHub API to get the user details but to no avail. Can anyone please suggest the API to be used to get the user details.?



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