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webservice on cross platform

when i use webservice on cross platform with service reference give the error Strongly-typed or untyped message can be paired only with strongly-typed, untyped or void message


  • PedroRamalhoPedroRamalho USMember ✭✭

    My code:

    srv.IsrvCatchClient auxsrv = new srv.IsrvCatchClient();
    srv.NovoClienteRequest novoClienteRequest = new srv.NovoClienteRequest
    apelido = nome.Text,
    cidade = "cidade",
    cp3 = "000",
    cp4 = "0000",
    datanascimento = "11-11-1968",
    email = email.Text,
    nif = nif.Text,
    nome = nome.Text,
    password = password.Text,
    telemovel = telefone.Text

            await auxsrv.OpenAsync();
            srv.NovoClienteResponse novoClienteResponse = await auxsrv.NovoClienteAsync(novoClienteRequest);
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