Load an assembly at runtime

Hello guys,

i got a little problem with my Xamarin.Forms Application.
I'll try to implement an on the fly updater, wich downloads some DLLs from a Webservice an loads it.
It works fine with the Shared piece of code., but when it comes to a dll wich contains Android specific stuff then it does not work perfectly.

For example: I have to register Dependency manually in a method wich I call when the DLL get loaded.
Sadly it doesnt work with CostumRenderer. Xamarin just dont recognize that I want to register an Costumrenderer... Do anyone have an idea how to fix this Problem or does someone got a smart workaround?


  • LuizLoyolaLuizLoyola BRMember

    I guess the System.Reflecion.Assembly.Load may be helpful, but I don't know how to use it and need some help for using too.
    I've heard this Assembly.Load is possible in Android but not in iOS, but need confirmation.


  • mdizzymdizzy USMember ✭✭

    Apple does a full verification of your application before you can publish to iTunes. The iTunes policies specifically restrict dynamically loading executable code at run time because it would circumvent the built in security. In order to be a good citizen with the Apple ecosystem, Xamarin does not allow for dynamic assembly loading via Xamarin for iOS (which Xamarin Forms uses).

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