Migrating to GitHub Issues and Projects

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GitHub Issues

We're excited to announce GitHub Issues is now open on our repository. This is our new home for reporting bugs as well as discussing enhancement requests.

What does this mean?

  • Bugzilla will remain open for the time being, and existing issues will continue to be worked there
  • All new issues should be filed on GitHub
  • The Evolution forum is being deprecated. Existing proposals will remain. New proposals and requests should be moved to GitHub Issues

GitHub Projects

GitHub Projects has also recently been made available to us and we are discussing how we will use it for tracking issues, features, and other work. Watch that space for an even higher level of visibility into everything going on with Xamarin.Forms.


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    Finally. It'll be much more easier for people to come in and contribute.

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    Like someone already said on Twitter, that's one way of clearing up the backlog of issues :smiley:

    When exactly are you planning to lock creating new issues on Bugzilla? Also, how will people be able to continue responding on existing issues there?

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    Good move!

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    @DavidOrtinau I transferred some issues from BugZilla to GitHub, should I set them RESOLVED in BugZilla or leave them be?

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    @MatthiasBruzek Resolved > Answered and link to the GitHub issue please.

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    @DavidOrtinau - Is there anything that shows which bugs have been transferred from Bugzilla to GitHub?

    I just had a look at https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=51267 , as I'm still seeing the problem (admittedly I haven't upgraded to XF 3.0 yet). Although marked as CONFIRMED, there is nothing to say it has been addressed to migrated to GitHub.

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    @JohnHardman There is no explicit label we use, but in most cases the issue will refer to the original report. Searching for Bugzilla in the GitHub issue filter does yield a number of results.

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    I think, the move to github is a good move principally, but I don’t understand, how the issues are served...
    Maybe you can bring some light in the dark here (I’m sure, this is also interesting for other users).

    As developer, I’m interested especially on the following information’s:

    • What issues are known / open to a specific .forms version (e.g. 2.5.0)?
    • In which version, the issues will be solved (e.g. 3.0.0)?
    • Which “old” issues have been solved in which version?
    • Which enhancements will be available in which version?

    I have tried to get this information’s by query github - unfortunately without success...

    If I query without any filter, there are 635 open and 564 closed issues showed
    The following “milestones “ are defined (filter results below):
    2.5.0 -> no issues showed
    2.5.1 -> no issues showed
    3.0.0 -> 8 open and 14 closed issues are showed
    3.1.0 -> 5 open und 0 closed issues are showed
    3.2.0 -> no issues showed
    No milestone -> 622 open and 550 closed issues are showed

    Why do 622 open issues don’t have a milestone set?

    Under “projects”, the following “projects” are defined (filter results below):
    vCurrent (Target 3.0.0) -> 13 open and 64 closed issues are showed
    VNext (Target 3.1.0) -> 6 open and 51 closed issues are showed
    vNext+1 (master) -> 15 open and 22 closed issues are showed
    Enhancements -> 134 open and 57 closed issues are showed
    x:Bind -> 2 open and 0 closed issues are showed

    If I count the open together I receive 170 (13 + 6 + 15 + 134 + 2) open issues instead of 635 (without any filter).
    “Where are” the other 466 issues?

    If I’m e.g. interested on the version 3.0.0, I would query “milestone” 3.0.0 and the result would be:
    There are (really only?) 8 Issues (still?) open and (really only?) 14 issues closed (= solved?)
    Or I would query “project” vCurrent (Target 3.0.0) and the (other) result would be:
    There are (really only?) 13 Issues (still?) open and 64 issues closed (= solved?).
    So... I set the “logical same” filter in the query (version 3.0.0) and receive different (and I think not correct) results...?

    If I have a look to nuget, I see: (current)

    Which 3.0.0. version is related to the “milestone 3.0.0”?
    (according to the name, I think the “project vCurrent (Target 3.0.0)” should be related to (current))

    Maybe I do my query’s wrong.., in this case please advice me, how to do it correct...
    Maybe the tags are not handled correct, in this case, it would be nice, if the handing would be changed, so that it becomes usable for the developers....

    Thanks for a feedback

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    A must-read a post. Great admin good keep up the nice work

  • jacktdomjacktdom Member

    A must-read a post. Great admin good keep up the nice work

  • A silly question. Once the issue is marked as resolved in GitHub Issues, how to know in which release the changes (if any) exist (especially if its an blocking issue)

    By release I mean which stable nuget XF package version its there?

    Here is the example of my problem statement. Look at the issue : #4156

    Its marked as "Closed" in "vCurrent (Target 3.3.0)"
    But if I update packages version 3.3.*, the issue still exists.

    In addition, looking at vCurrent (Target 3.3.0) (as of 15-Nov-2018), its status shows 184 done / 10 inprogress / 6 togo

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