Pass data from PCL to Android

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you with this trivial question but here goes.

How or what is the best bway to pass data from the PCL of a xamarin forms app to android.

I need to pass a string value to a CardService : HostApduService class in android, i.e the contents of the NDEF message so to speak. I'm not sure if it is possible to access the ViewModel or Model directly from android, and all the dependency service approaches seem to focus upon going from Android to PCL and not the other way around.

I'm not sure it is also something I can just call, i.e call the Cardservice directly from forms because of the way it is setup to automagically read a tag when the reader interacts with the device.

Am I restricted to passing data from Forms to an android resource file and getting the data that way?

Any helps is appreciated.


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  • You ever have one of those days,........

    At anyrate thanks for the help, and more coffee.

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    Did you solve your problem? If not can you explain further with some code?
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