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Pinch Gesture Zoom out does not work when two fingers are approx 1 to 1.5 cm close (not touching)

I am having a unique issue while using pinch gesture on android device using Xamarin.

While zooming out using two fingers pinch I am getting a Gesture.Completed status while my two fingers are still on the screen and are moving closer together as soon as my fingers are almost 1 to 1.5 cms apart. This issue does not happen on iOS. I have been able to reproduce this on different android devices to confirm this is not a device related issue (Namely Asus Zenphone 3, New Moto E, etc.)

The issue is not reproducible on Windows Android Emulators. However, I was able to reproduce it on Android Emulator that is downloaded with Visual Studio for Mac.

I am curious if anyone has faced a similar issue and if so what was the resolution. I have logged the issue on bug id 60899. I am also attaching the test project that I used to recreate this issue.



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