Xamarin : net Standard Compability

AlbertoCAlbertoC ITMember ✭✭

Hi guys,

i' m developing with the .net standard project that i will use on an Android device.
During the development phase i see some strange behaviors. For example i put a entry in a page set as detail view

Detail = new iMioNavigationPage(new MainView());

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <ToolbarItem Text="Nuovo" Command="{Binding  CmdNewDoc}" />

    <Entry x:Name="CommDescriz"  
                   Text="pasta" />

When i try to edit the value i see the keyboard and the keys i'am pessing but i don't see the value change in the interface, in the entry.text.
I also have problems with see the bindings.
I don't know if the version of the Android in the device(version 5.1) is compatible with .netstandard, i have this doubt because is a base control that is not working. And this control does not ahve any binding.

Please help me to understand how i could solve this problem


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