(null) error passing values with Xamarin Player for iOS

We just tried to do the sample Xamarin forms app from this page.

The only thing we did differently was we used a shared project vs a PCL.
Everything works great when we pull up the UWP app or Android app in Xamarin Live Player.
The issue is when we use try to use the Live player on iOS.
When we click the button to Translate we get an exception.
When we stepped through debugging when we call Core.PhonewordTranslator.ToNumber(phoneNumberText.Text) it passes in the value of (null).
That's not NULL, its a string with a values of "(null)" rather than the default "1-855-XAMARIN".

I don't have a Mac handy to test a real deployment to see if it is an issue there as well.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue?

I reported this on Bugzilla.


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