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The password policy of the forums is counter-productive

BobberBobber GBMember ✭✭
edited November 2017 in General

Your password policy is tougher than any account I ever had including banks.
Its not only inconvenient and senseless. It is counter-productive.
You are not making it more secure. You are making it less secure.
Because people use same passwords. So a normal individual would use a weak password in forums and a stronger one in his online banking.
So once forum get hacked he does not care.
You forcing people use strong passwords, jeopardizes them once you are get hacked (please don't tell you base your strategy on a fiction that you will never get hacked).

And it is senseless because security must be on par with the value of the data kept.

What data exactly are you trying to protect with these extravagant measures?
Posts about some piece of code nobody in the world care about?

Seriously. Think it over.


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