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Is there any kind of asynchronous techniques that might not work with xamarin?

I am working in a application in which I am using IndoorAtlas IOS library. When I call a method of IndoorAtlas library, it never returns in its completion block/Action. So I want to confirm that if is there any kind of asynchronous technique that might not work with xamarin.


  • ArvindrajaArvindraja INMember ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017

    Xamarin fully supporting asyncronous programming. It is useful to continuously execution w/o blocking UI.
    sometimes we need to complete/finish call and then move to next line and few times we need to call Async code/methods in syncronous methods for those you can use below code

    Task.Run(async () => { uCount= await GetLogin(); }).Wait();
    here you can finish your action then move to next line.
    Hope it help you.

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