.NET Standard vs PCL

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Is it good to go for .NET Standard already or stay for PCL for now? Cause seems stuffs like Mobile Center doesn't have a support yet for .NET Standard (or is this wrong?). I want to be enlightened cause I want my project to have a good roadmap rather than stumbling across the road.


  • ArnaudMaichacArnaudMaichac FRDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭

    Hi! I started a Xamarin Forms project in July and decided to replace the PCL by .NET Standard (1.6 version at this time). No problem at all to build my application on Visual Studio Mobile Center.

    When .NET Standard 2.0 was released, it was indeed not supported but I got an answer on Twitter they were working to officially support .NET Standard 2.0.

    As I got this answer the 16th of August, I guess it's fully supported by now.

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