Windows Phone is dead. What's Xamarin future?

krishjkrishj USMember

Throughout my career I have worked with web/desktop application development mainly through Microsoft Technologies like asp, & C#. I don't know much about mobile development however keen on learning it.

I am sure you would have read report on "Windows Phone is dead". Microsoft will not develop add any new features but will work on bug fixes. If you haven't read about it, just google.

My question is: if it is true, what's future of Xamarin and any development happening from it? Why would companies continue to use Xamarin in spite of Win Phone being declared dead? Please help me to understand whether should I start learning Xamarin or any other android development platform to explorer mobile development.



  • AlexWhiteAlexWhite GBMember ✭✭✭

    Its irrelevant if Windows Phone is dead, I have spent since the early 90s working with Microsoft since Windows 3.1, they never got Windows Phone/CE it right over the years, it does not matter. Xamarin is bigger than just one platform like Windows Phone, IOS and Android are bigger in terms of number of users by a massive margin. My view is if you want to write in a single language and target IOS and Android then Xamarin is one of the best choices you can make.

    If on the other hand you believe that you will spend 100% on IOS or 100% on Android then target those specifically in your learning and developments, but with the caveat that you might spend 2 years on one platform and then have that one successful app and then the whole discussion of porting that app will come into play.

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