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Visual Studio 2013 support

AndrewMobileAndrewMobile USMember ✭✭✭✭

VS2013 RTM is out
Does Xamarin support it?


  • Apparently, you can use the files from the Visual Studio 2012 installation.

  • I followed the above instructions and it's telling me the project types are not supported. I'm also poor at following directions sometimes.

  • wallymwallym USInsider, Beta ✭✭✭

    Let's give them a few days to sort all of the issues out and make their announcements. They are a VS Partner, so I can't imagine it taking to long to get the support. Also, the actual RTM party in NYC for VS2013 is not until November 13. I figure that it's like a component vendor, it takes some time to go through everything and make sure that all of the supported scenarios work.

  • @wallym I totally agree. I'll also anticipate some folks will say "They've known about it since the preview and have remained mum on the subject".

    Hard position to be in. Especially when you get proper iOS support within hours of the SDK being officially released. Xamarin has set a high bar for themselves. ;)

  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I suspect the time they spent getting proper iOS support within hours of the SDK being officially released was time not spent getting VS 2013 support within hours of the RTM being officially released. ;)

  • wallymwallym USInsider, Beta ✭✭✭

    Given the problems I have had with VS debugging, I've switched back to XS out of necessity. :-/

    Have they promised to support new versions of VS, or Android, within a certain amount of time? I'm not aware of any, just the iOS promise.

  • Turned my laptop back on this evening to mess with VS2013 some more, and low and behold, Xamarin is working now.

  • It should be noted that I also tried to install Resharper 8, which is mysteriously not showing up.

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