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.NET team makes Portable Class Library (PCL) available on all platforms


  • RobertSalitaRobertSalita USMember ✭✭

    Just guessing - Xamarin is under NDA for a few more days. They've remained silent on Visual Studio 2013 support, and are silent and exceeding slow on PCL support. Normally a company would communicate a clear roadmap on such a key technology. Instead we have to guess Xamarin strategies. Xamarin's biggest strength is their ability to leverage Microsoft technologies. Their biggest disadvantage is their inability to control Microsoft technologies.

  • That is certainly a very interesting idea, let's hope it's correct :P

  • JakubArnold.8011JakubArnold.8011 CZMember ✭✭

    Did you guys see this?

    It fills me with hope that working PCL's are one big step closer :) Or am I too optimistic?

  • RobertSalitaRobertSalita USMember ✭✭

    We had a tip that PCL support would include Android and iOS. At Xamarin Evolve Conference 2013, Scott Hanselman of Microsoft said we can expect the PCL selection dialog to expand with Android and iOS checkboxes. He was coy about further details. I'm guessing that Microsoft will directly support Xamarin, or indirectly via 3rd party PCL "plugin" mechanism. We might know more in 48 hours. Seems to me that it's in Microsoft's best interests to work closely with Xamarin on making Visual Studio a universal development platform. The home run is to be able to build cross-platform binaries entirely using Microsoft tools, or at least 3rd party compiler back-ends. Debugger support would be key.

  • OysteinKrog_InitialForceOysteinKrog_InitialForce NOMember ✭✭
    edited October 2013

    Hmm, interesting @RobertSalita.

    It's actually possible add Android/iOS to the PCL dialog today, one just has to add the correct files to the correct PCL profile folders and Visual Studio will automatically show things.

    AFAIK the big problem is nuget, which in my experience breaks badly if the local pcl profiles do not match what the creator of the nuget package has. (i.e. it becomes impossible to install "normal" nugets).

    The second issue we're seeing with PCL is that there is a linker bug related to Linq.Expressions, but hopefully that is a minor thing that can be fixed fairly easily (the mono github has some interesting commits today).

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