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"No valid iOS code signing keys" error when debugging to a physical iOS device

ravl13ravl13 USMember ✭✭


Whenever I try to Debug a Xamarin project via VS2015 on a Windows machine directly on a physical iOS device via a Xamarin-Agent mac machine, I get this error:

No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain. You need to request a codesigning certificate from

Most posts online for that error are about using a simulator, but that's not what I'm using - I'm testing on an actual iOS device. I can actually able to successfully debug my project using a Xamarin-Agent connected Mac and its iPhone 7 simulator. It's only when trying to test on a real device that I get this error.

I am logged into the iOS device itself as the developer account (let's say it's "[email protected]")

I have a paid corporate developer account, using [email protected]

I am signed into XCode as [email protected]

In the Certificates section of my developer account of the apple developer website, I have a Development certificate file which I have downloaded. It is the only Development certificate I have - I don't have multiples

I double-clicked that .cer file, and I added it to both the System and Login keychains on my Mac machine.

I also have a Development Provisioning Profile, which has all of my physical devices "approved" for use with it. It is the only Provisioning Profile I have - I don't have multiples - it is the "wildcard" type which can be used for multiple projects.

After downloading this .mobileprovision file, onto my mac machine with XCode on it, I double-click it, and that causes XCode to start, but other than that, nothing happens. There's not a lot of information online that I can find on how to use this file, so perhaps this is the main issue - I'm not sure how to use it.

Anyone have suggestions for what I need to do to resolve this keychain error when trying to test my physical iOS device via VS2015 on a windows machine?

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  • ravl13ravl13 USMember ✭✭

    OK, so it turns out I was missing the step where you have to build a fake project, which is where I'm guessing it goes and grabs the private key thing in the background that is unique to each physical machine.

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