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Untrusted HTTP certificate detected

izenmeizenme USMember

Visual Studio for Mac
Version: Preview 5 (7.0 build 1659)

Perhaps a new build is coming soon?


  • TrevorFacerTrevorFacer USMember

    I'm seeing this too. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai
    edited March 2017

    I just got that too. It seems only related to the "Developer News" on the welcome page. If you don't trust it, all that I can see that happens is you don't get the developer news on the Visual Studio welcome page. This is a known issue and it is being worked on. You can safely ignore it for now.

  • TrevorFacerTrevorFacer USMember

    Sounds great, thanks for the response.

  • SurbhiAroraSurbhiArora USMember ✭✭

    I am also facing the same with Visual studio community for mac
    Version 7.0.1 (build 24)
    @JGoldberger Any feedback will be much appreciated.

  • anaselhajjajianaselhajjaji USMember ✭✭
    edited September 2017

    I'm getitng this for NuGet, I should trust the certificate in order to be able to restore packages. Is there any possibility to permanently trust that certificate?

  • anaselhajjajianaselhajjaji USMember ✭✭

    In my side, I finally forked the nuget and modified the source code to accept all the certificates (it's for internal use in company).

  • NealCulinerNealCuliner USBeta ✭✭✭

    I'm seeing this noise in various areas too. What's the fix @Xamarin?

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