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Share ControlTemplate between ContentPage and CarouselPage

jopmiddelkampjopmiddelkamp USMember
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Hi Guys,

I'm stuck trying to reuse an control template for a independent ContentPage as well as a ContentPage in a CarouselPage...

The main problem is that the CarouselPage doesn't support the ControlTemplate property. Therefore I'm forced to insert a ContentPage in the DataTemplate of the CarouselPage. This ContentPage then can get the ControlTemplate assigned but I run into the problem that the BindingContext is not the root of the ViewModel.

I've tried to add code in this post but somehow it cuts off pieces in preview mode... Therefore I've created a stack overflow post with code attached... Also because I'm pretty new to this form I cant post links so please copy the link below.

My excuses for this way of asking help but the RTE this forum is using gives me trouble...

I hope you guys have any idea about the issue I'm running into.

Kind regards,
Jop Middelkamp

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