How to make a button CLICKED right after launching the application?

jaYCee.1750jaYCee.1750 USMember ✭✭

I have some issues here with regards to an event that should be triggered as the page is loaded. I have tried Loaded="TriggerThisEvent", yet this does not function because as what I have researched, Loaded is for UWP, and what I am using is Xamarin Forms - Droid. So I have decided to create a button from my xaml page that when clicked, it will trigger the event in the xaml.cs page. And so I have done this perfectly. But as to get my very purpose, I wanted this button to automatically be clicked and call the event as the application loads. How can I do this? PLease help me out... Thanks in advance.


  • MohanadZahedMohanadZahed DEMember ✭✭

    write your button method separate and call it in the clicked event and in the page constructor?

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