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Visual Studio 2017 Hangs debugging app

AndyWAndyW NZMember

Hi Folks,
I have just created a simple Xamarin Master/Detail app in Visual Studio 2017.2 - no modifications, just create the app and then build it. When I click to deploy it to the KitKat (4.4) Android emulator it builds the project and then hangs on the following line:-

Processing: obj\Debug\res\values\styles.xml

Once has to terminate Visual Studio in task manager to continue.

Does anyone know how to get this product to work? My environment is just a default full installation of VS2017 on Windows 10 Creators - no settings changes or anything.



  • Paul-JHBPaul-JHB USMember

    Hi Andy,

    Did you have any success solving this? I'm having the exact same issue.

    Also VS2017, Win10 CU.

    Deploying to Android 7.1 on Emulator.



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