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Testing Xamarin Android and iOS Apps using Appium

XMenSharkXMenShark USMember

I need feedback regarding using Appium for testing of Applications using xamarin. I am interested in both Android & iOS app testing though my current focus is Android.

I had tried using Appium for testing Xamarin Android applications few months back. I first tried with their C# SDK, but it looked like the SDK was missing many features and was not on par with the Java SDK.

Then I tried with the Java SDK too, but some of the sample tests given were themselves failing.

Also, they seem to be missing Continuous Integration:

After that, I just abandoned my search for a test framework temporarily and continued with my application development.

The fact that we can write Cross-Platform test cases in the language of our choice (using various SDKs) sounds very promising. But I am not sure practically, how good is appium, and what have been the changes since my last usage about 7 months back.

@PrabakaranRamasamy , @Prabakaran.Ramasamy , @Stark154 , @Craig_Horsfield , @Madhu2015 , @RussellRowse , @MinZhang ,
I saw your posts about using appium with Xamarin apps. Can you please share your experience with it until now. Which UI test framework and cloud testing service provider are you using currently, & why?

@PrabakaranRamasamy ,
It seems that you have moved to Xamarin.UITest from Appium. Can you please share why and how has been the experience with it? Can we test on local devices & emulators using Xamarin.UITest and if there are any restrictions for it?


  • AnkurAnkur USMember ✭✭

    Also, please mention if you have used Appium for iOS or android.

  • AnkurAnkur USMember ✭✭

    Ping!! Anyone??

  • @Ankur do you have any comments about this?
    I'm trying to decide wich would be a good framework - toolset for Xamarin UI Testing

    Best Regards,

  • Sandy51Sandy51 INMember

    Thanks for the post. I've been looking for this stuff to help me out. Thank You.

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