Trouble Binding Google Analytics for Mobile JAR ("already contains a definition for...")

I am trying to bind to the GA for Mobile v3 library located here:

I have been reading several kinds of bugs that contain "already contains a definition for" errors. Here is an error I am seeing on build:

Error 28 The type 'Com.Google.Tagmanager.Protobuf.AbstractMutableMessageLite' already contains a definition for 'cb_getDefaultInstanceForType'

When I search through the generated source folder for the term, "cb_getDefaultInstanceForType" I see a dozen different class files that each contain roughly the following:

static Delegate cb_getDefaultInstanceForType; #pragma warning disable 0169 static Delegate GetGetDefaultInstanceForTypeHandler () { if (cb_getDefaultInstanceForType == null) cb_getDefaultInstanceForType = JNINativeWrapper.CreateDelegate ((Func<IntPtr, IntPtr, IntPtr>) n_GetDefaultInstanceForType); return cb_getDefaultInstanceForType; }

Every time there is a method that returns this delegate, it re-defines the delegate above the method. I realize that there is a way to remove certain things via the Metadata.xml file, but I am unclear how I would go about doing it for this circumstance.

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. If you are trying to recreate this on your own machine, here is what I added to my Metadata.xml to get rid of an earlier snag:

<attr path="/api/package[@name='']/class[@name='TrackerHandler']" name="managedName">EasyTracker</attr>


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