Passport JS Support

i'm a complete newbie in xamarin's world. Im currently using NodeJS and Xamarin to create a mobile application with backend. I use the middleware Passport (PassportJS) with LocalStrategy for the authentication. But i have no clue how to get it work. Does Xamarin have any support for Passport? How can i specify the HttpRequest with username and password, so i can get it done? Sorry for my poor english


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    I'm not that overly familiar with Passport js, but from what I can see that's a node.js library.

    If you want to do anything with javascript libraries you'll have to do all that work inside of a webview. Xamarin unless there's something I haven't heard of provides no direct support for any Javascript libraries. There are ways that you can make javascript invoke c# methods of your app. If you want you can write a website and then load that into a web view inside of a xamarin forms application.

    If you're wanting to write an app in Javascript you'll probably have a much easier time working with Cordova or React Native. Xamarin is desgined to work primarily with C# and F#.

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