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Issues with VS4Mac/XCode after update to iOS11

Ever since I upgraded to High Sierra and iOS 11, I've been experiencing quite strange issues.

First thing I noticed was that no matter how many times I clean, rebuild the project, XCode9 won't show the attached classes to XIB/Storyboard editors when opened in Assistant. The only thing that fixes this is building the project, and then applying the recommended first warning fix - "Update to recommended settings"

After this, XCode can successfully show the Assistant-accessed files generated by the Xamarin framework.

However, and I believe the two issues are connected somehow, if I create outlets, while they are present in both the IB file and the backing class, I get the following error:

void GAIUncaughtExceptionHandler(NSException *) (GAIUncaughtExceptionHandler.m:48): Uncaught exception: [<NSObject 0x604000e05460> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key ImageView.

This is coming from a custom XIB-based view inheriting from UITableViewHeaderFooterView. Outlets were created after the above issue's tempfix I detailed.

All other outlets created prior to this work just fine.



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