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Apologies if this isn't this kind of forum or if this question has already been dealt with. I just don't know what to google at this point...

I have made a bit of software in WPF, which I quite like. But, I want to make it cross-platform (or output build for different platforms, that might be a different thing). So, I knew I would have to pretty much start again - which is no big deal because it's not really a large and complex thing - and I ended up being directed towards Xaramin/MonoDevelop after some googling around.

My question is as follows.

I have done a little tutorial that makes an incredibly simplistic text editor, I made it using the Gtk2.0 project template which exists on my Linux Machine in MonoDevelop, and on my Windows machine in Xamarin.

To make the program run on both machines I had to do the steps of the tutorial twice, granted I did copy and paste to c# code but I am sure you see how this lends itself to being a not very efficient workflow for developing software (particularly because I would like to if possible build for Mac as well.)

Can I set up Xaramin so that I can build a version for Linux and a version windows on my windows machine, so that I may build the installers for both platforms without having to have separate projects. Can I publish for different platforms on a windows machine? How?

Please help, kind regards

another noob.

(There were images of the programs running on both platforms but apparently, I am too new to add them. They were identical programs with 4 buttons and a text box. You could clear the text box, convert the text to all uppercase or all lowercase and save the file)

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    Thanks, this looks really promising. Am still pulling my hair out a little bit because it only seems to talk about producing for Windows and Mac, and not Linux. But, I assume that the principles I learn there will A) be useful regardless, and B) be applicable.

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