some touble with the purchase of Xamarin.iOS

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Here I encounter some touble of how to purchase Xamarin.iOS, I get confused:

Last year I bought Xamarin.Android(Business Version), and it costed me $399 a year. Now there are 8 days left to expire, and Xamarin provide me a renewal service. At the same time, I want to buy Xamarin.iOS, a Indie Version. When I am gonna to buy it, I find that Xamarin Store doesn't give me a chance to change the Version. I have to buy a Business Version of Xamarin.iOS without any other chioce, that is another $999, too expensive for me.

So, the question is that, I already have a business version of Xamarin.Android, if I want to buy a Indie Version of Xamarin.iOS, how should I buy it? Do I have to register a new account and buy Xamarin.iOS separately?

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