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Finally had enough of Xamarin

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I have been using Xamarin since their Novatel days and supported them when they formed their own company (the good old days of Xamarin for $99.00). Part of this history includes frequent breaking changes. Every time there is a Xamarin update, a Visual Studio update, a new Android OS version, a Windows update, or a new anything, Xamarin breaks. Heaven help you when you do NuGet updates. That is Russian Roulette. I keep virtual machines of archived Xamarin projects because I am SICK AND TIRED of something breaking my builds. It is almost better to never upgrade. Right now I am facing the "Cannot connect to logcat" issue (Bug 56740 which is marked as fixed, yet people are still fighting it, including me). I stupidly upgraded to VS2017. Silly me for trying to stay current. Yes I followed all the work arounds and yes they do fix the issue temporarily. Then the next reboot, or the next Windows upgrade or the next small change to my project and it comes back. I have absolutely had it with doing continual work arounds and patches. GET IT RIGHT AND GET IT STABLE. The time I waste fixing your breaking changes almost makes it worth writing unique code for each separate platform. For now I am at a stand still - AGAIN - waiting for the logcat fix. Repatching, deleting apps off of the device, rebooting, turning settings on and off is not a solution BTW.


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    It's been the same old story for years John. A few years ago I was doing an app for a client. They requested a quick change so I fired up Xamarin Studio (at that time) and had updates. The build broke of course. Several hours later of uninstalling, reinstalling, configuring, etc. and I finally was able to sit down and make the client changes.

    Needless to say they were not happy so I didn't charge them. I lost so much time fixing Xamarin. And because I work for myself time is money. Xamarin has cost me thousands of dollars over the years in lost time. I converted all but two of my projects to Obj-C/Java and now use Xcode/Android Studio. Of course all that converting was done on my time because I can't charge my clients for Xamarin's inaptitude.

    This post pretty much sums up Xamarin:

    And this one:

    I used to accuse the Xamarin team of never testing their updates, and it's been proven over and over again that they don't. Is it bad leadership? Unskilled employees? Is the codebase so unstable that any change breaks everything?

  • Well, I love Xamarin and have saved considerable time and money since I switched to them years ago. I achieve high code re-use between iOS and Android. I especially enjoy being able to code in one language and use the same external libraries.

    My secret to sanity is simple:

    1. Stay away from Forms and just use the tried and true Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. I recently delved a bit into Forms on a pet project of little significance. I immediately ran into random crashes and ended that experiment. I spent far more time troubleshooting crashes than it took me to just go ahead and build the native UI's.

    2. Never ever ever ever update Xamarin before a delivery. NEVER! I don't like any surprises before a delivery and updating Xamarin is likely to give you at least one. However, I've never encountered a problem after updating that I considered too time consuming. I can usually work through them fast. Before a delivery isn't the time to do that though.

    I'm an Indie developer and my productivity skyrocketed when I started using Xamarin. I would have to encounter far more issues than I have to even begin to consider switching back to 100% native. If all they offered was Forms I would have switched back to native long ago.

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