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Xamarin.Forms UWP Image never closes opened File


I am displaying a Image in a Xamarin.Forms App, the image resides in the LocalState folder of the app and the image source is set during runtime.
On UWP I discovered a strange behavior:
As soon as the image is displayed, the underlying file is opened and can therefore not be renamed in e.g. the Windows Explorer nor deleted.
But even when I navigate away from the page displaying the image or set the source of the image to null or a different image, the file is still opened and can't be renamed/deleted until I close the UWP app. This behavior doesn't occur on Android or iOS or in a native UWP project.

Is this as bug?


  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

    @MarcoBuenter - Assuming that your code is not keeping a reference somewhere, and the garbage collector has had a chance to do its thing, I suggest creating a small repro project and logging a bug at

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