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Xamarin keeps compiling inital version

lvrenneslvrennes NLMember

Hello, i am new to Xamarin, and was going great when i finished half of my code (console C# application). However i found after that xamarin keeps compiling an old version of my code. E.g. I change the first line, a writeline command, and it doesnt show any change. I found after rearranging my code. I tried to clear as much as i could. Also no change to my code is being compiled, simply the same old version every time.

What am i missing ? I am quite new so perhaps i need to clear some cache? Why does xamarin stay (even after rebooting) in such a mode? Thanks for any help and explanation.



  • KellyHussKellyHuss USMember ✭✭

    Have you tried cleaning your project and rebuilding? You can also try manually deleting any and all bin or obj folders you see in the solution.

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