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September 27th - San Diego Xamarin Dev's Hackathon

Come join the San Diego Xamarin Dev's monthly Hackathon Challenge presented by AvantiPoint and hosted by MindTouch.

Each month we will explore different API's and help sharpen your Xamarin skills in a fun and interactive way. Instead of coming to listen to a lecture, come join other local developers as we split you into random teams to collaborate and work through the monthly Hackathon Challenge. At the end of the night you'll have a chance to show off what you did, share challenges you encountered, and what you've learned.

When: Wednesday, September 27th from 6pm - 10pm
Where: MindTouch Headquarters
101 West Broadway Suite 1500, San Diego, CA

Join Us:



  • It is good to know that you plan to meet every month to learn new APIs. Yes, it is the industry's demand to learn new things in Xamarin. My friend is a Xamarin developer and lives in San Francisco. I am learning Xamarin from her via online lectures. I will ask her if she can join you. Thanks!

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