Unable to update xamarin visual studio.

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Hey guys.
I have a little xamarin ios app and these couple of days I'm facing this issue. I'm working on VS 2017 and unfortunately I haven't got that "Check updates" portion in Tools -> Xamarin menu. Besides, the automatic update notification is not popping. So I don't know how to get the latest Xamarin.iOS 10.8 update. I'm facing this issue in 2017, because in VS 2015, that I was working earlier , the "Check updates" were working fine.

Please, can anyone tell me , how can I update the Xamarin.iOS version ? Any other alternative ways to install those updates ?



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    Perhaps also helpful is the paragraph about Visual Studio 2017 in the Release Blog post for the latest Beta versions https://releases.xamarin.com/beta-release-15-1-rc2/:

    This release is now available in the Xamarin updater channels and as part of the March 27 update for Visual Studio Preview. Note that the Xamarin version number in Visual Studio 2015 is slightly ahead of the version number in Visual Studio Preview in order to provide early availability of a few additional fixes. Xamarin coordination with the upstream schedule has been evolving across the VS 2017 releases, and plans are underway to synchronize more tightly as soon as possible. Watch for additional news on that topic as the 15.1 release moves into the Stable channel in the upcoming weeks.

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    I just came across the same problem. Looking at my "Extensions and Updates" I found out that my Xamarin.iOS version is 10.10.

    Looking at the current versions there are newer versions out right now. As you can see in the screenshot the checkbox is set to "Automatically update". Can anyone shed some light on why it's not updating?

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    @JensDemey I suppose the versions that you refered to are found in the "About Visual Studio" window. Also there is one update pending for you. Did you check what it is?

  • JensDemeyJensDemey USMember ✭✭

    That's correct. You can also see the version on the right of the screenshot. The pending update is for Visual Studio 15.3.4. I have also checked another computer with Xamarin installed. It's Xamarin.iOS version was at 10.6 and it also didn't have an update. I must be overlooking something simple...

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    @JensDemey I hope you are aware that now Xamarin updates are integrated with VS updates. You don't have to update them separately. When you update VS, the Xamarin components are also updated as per your configuration. So you don't have to worry about what you have or have not in general.

    FYI, The Xamarin.Apple SDK in my VS2017 says its version as But in VS's Help->About Microsoft Visual Studio shows that Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac SDK is of version My VS is at ver.15.3.4.

    So stay calm.

  • JensDemeyJensDemey USMember ✭✭

    Thank you for clearing that up. Now I can rest in peace.

  • I was facing the same issue. Thank You guys for helping and creating this amazing thread.

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