Xamarin(Shared Proj) Android app stop responding when i redirect to Xlabs CheckBox controls Page

ManjeeManjee INMember

Xamarin Cross platform Android app Stop Responding in release mode When I Redirect Page which contain Xlabs CheckBox Control.But its working fine with when i am running it in debugging Mode.
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  • ManjeeManjee INMember
    edited September 2017

    **Xamarin Cross Platform XLabs/Xamarin-Forms-Labs CheckBox Control Error **

    1. I Created Xamarin Cross platform Shared Projects.
    2. I am using XLabs/Xamarin-Forms-Labs Nuget Package to Show check box Controls on page.
    3. I Created Page(CheckBoxPage.xaml) which contain XLabs/Xamarin-Forms-Labs CheckBox Control.
    4. When I am Using My Android Projects In Debugging Mode and Redirect to Page(CheckBoxPage.xaml) its working Fine(Showing CheckBox Controls).
    5. But When I Generate Apk File Of My Android Project In Release Mode.After installing it into my android mobile And Try to Visit on my Page(CheckBoxPage.xaml) Which Contain CheckBox Controls, My App Stops Responding.
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