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MasterDetailPage puts space on top

Hi there,
i have an XF-App with a MasterDetailPage (Split). The Detail is show correctly, but the Master has a little space on top.
I have a NavigationPage in Master, and the space is between the top of the app and the NavigationBar. It seems to have the same size like the space for the StatusBar. But it seems to happen not on all Devices. Tested with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Does anyone have an idea where this space comes from and how i can remove it?


  • MatthiasDemmerMatthiasDemmer DEMember
    edited September 2017

    I found out, that the MasterDetailPage has a Property called MasterBounds. This value hast a Y-Property that gets a wrong value on some Devices (24 instead of 0). That seems to be the problem. But unfortunately it has no effect when i change the value in a CustomRenderer. Does anybody know how i can change this value without getting overwritten later on? Currently I change it in OnLayout of MasterDetailPageRenderer.


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