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Cross Platform Soap Services

CraigSchulteCraigSchulte USMember
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We started a project supporting only Android and iOS, and we used the older web reference (.NET 2.0?) technology to consume the services (we didn't see the option to use the newer service reference). Now we are adding in support for Windows phone, and it seems that the older web reference technology is disabled for this platform, and that we can only use the newer service reference technology.

What is the best approach for calling a SOAP service cross platform without rewriting a lot of the code for each platform? Is it best to follow the steps listed on this page under "Consuming WCF services"?

If I do this can all of our projects (android, ios, and windows) share the same web service proxy using the newer service reference technology? Thanks.


  • CraigSchulteCraigSchulte USMember
    edited October 2013

    I've done some testing and it seems possible at first glance. I should note that I'm not trying to consume a WCF service (the service is written in Java using CXF), even though the documentation I'm following is titled "Consuming WCF Services"

    I have to wonder why there is no tooling in visual studio or Xamarin Studio for Xamarin Android or Xamarin iOS to create a "Service Reference" instead of a "Web Reference" if the required libraries are available in Silverlight?

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