How to create Live stream app like Bigo, Facebook Live?

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How to create Live stream app like Bigo, Facebook Live in Xamarin.Form


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    hard work

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    Usually they require the server architecture necessary to run these things. Facebook employs a very large staff, and there are many servers it uses for load balancing and the like I assume. It's extremely expensive is what I'm saying, and there are a lot of man hours that go into it.

    Have you considered piggybacking off of an existing system like Twitch?

    Here's a reference to their API systems that you can access via JSON:

    Here's also a link to Facebook's Live API, can't seem to find anything on Bigo:

    They all work through large enterprise scale backend servers that serve up content through their API systems that get served up to desktop/mobile clients. Whether you choose ASP.NET or Java or PHP or whatever server language for that backend system you have to consider the hosting costs, bandwidth costs, and maintenance costs and what not. It gets pricey, extremely pricey, this might give you a little idea:

    Although if you did it as a peer-to-peer video chat system similar to IM... hmmmm... you might also check out the Skype dev docs, just to get a small idea of how these systems work:

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