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Bundle Resource '.DS_Store' not found on disk

NaboNabo SEMember ✭✭

I've come to think that this error usually really means that my provisioning files are messed up and fiddling with this usually solves the problem, but now I've spent most of the day generating, downloading, importing etc etc certificates and profiles without luck.

I have a working project on my iMac and want to get it running on my macbook. I've exported the dev profile from my imac and imported into the laptop. In xcode all looks good and under Publishing / Developer Accounts the app id is added and looks ok. Private key is ok and dev provisioning profiles seems alright.

In Studio for Mac, under the project settings IOS bundle signing, the team, signing identity and provisioning profile are listed and no warnings.

Still when I try to build I get this error: "Bundle Resource '.DS_Store' not found on disk"?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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  • NaboNabo SEMember ✭✭

    Thank you JGoldberger! Worked perfectly! :)

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