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Looking for active 2D Engine. Which one?

Good Morning,

I am looking to create a cross-platform 2D game (think old school Zelda 3 tile by tile movement). I would like to be able to load and rendering Tiled maps ( ).

I would like to use an engine that is actively supported. According to this forum, there are 3 sub forums. UrhoSharp (but that says 3D so no go), SkiaSharp, and CocosSharp.

Going through the forums, it looks like CocosSharp was abandoned over a year ago (Last announcement, Jan 2016). However, I couldn't find any info for loading those files in SkiaSharp.

Are both engines basically abandoned for UrhoSharp?

Which one do you think would be a good fit?


  • EsaKEsaK SEMember ✭✭

    UrhoSharp (which is based on Urho3D) has support for 2D also, but I have only used the 3D stuff so far so I cannot comment on the 2D stuff. But I think it's worth doing some testing with it.

  • AlaskanDruidAlaskanDruid USMember

    Thank you very much!

    After working with this engine, unfortunately, it looks like the ability to develop in windows for windows games was turned off in the newest release.

    I have a mac mini laying around so I'll check to see if they removed that as well or not :(

    Just when I thought I found a supported/actively developed 2D engine, this happens :(

  • RayKoopaRayKoopa DEMember ✭✭

    I don't know what you mean TBH, Urho3D and UrhoSharp did not "turn off" support for Windows or anything else.

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