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CA0001 error - where to post it?

Boris.GerschillBoris.Gerschill DEMember ✭✭

Using VS2015 I get the following 3 errors:

CA0001 Member "get_Assembly" not found in System.Type (...)
CA0001 Error parsing IL to method (...) .InitializeComponent at Offset 0x18F with Opcode Callvirt.
CA0001 Rule=Microsoft.Usage#CA2214 (...) at Offset 0x18F with Opcode Callvirt.

This is a random error.
Where should I post it, and who's responsible for a fix?
Is there a bug tracker by Microsoft, or is this handled by Xamarin with an official bug tracker, or do I have to hope that somebody responsible reads it here?

Thank you for the help.


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