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Visual Studio does not highlight errors for UWP project in a Xamarin bundle

There are two very similar UWP projects under exactly the **SAME **solution.
Here is the screenshot from the independent UWP project:

You can see the obvious error is highlighted.

The following is from an the UWP project of a Xamarin bundle:

You can see the same type of error in a similar method is not highlighted.

Could anyone offer a tip on how to fix this?

VS version: 15.3.2. Everything is updated.



  • hz10hz10 USMember ✭✭

    I am wondering if this problem has something to do with the following errors:

        C:\Users\Hong\.nuget\packages\xamarin.forms\\build\portable-win+net45+wp80+win81+wpa81+MonoAndroid10+Xamarin.iOS10+xamarinmac20\Xamarin.Forms.targets(68,4): error MSB4064: The "DebugType" parameter is not supported by the "XamlCTask" task. Verify the parameter exists on the task, and it is a settable public instance property.
        C:\Users\Hong\.nuget\packages\xamarin.forms\\build\portable-win+net45+wp80+win81+wpa81+MonoAndroid10+Xamarin.iOS10+xamarinmac20\Xamarin.Forms.targets(62,3): error MSB4063: The "XamlCTask" task could not be initialized with its input parameters.

    Warning IDE0006 Error encountered while loading the project. Some project features, such as full solution analysis for the failed project and projects that depend on it, have been disabled.

    I am not using Xamarin forms. I am doing native shared projects.

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