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Is Xamarin.Mac free and can i delploy Apps to the Apple Store -Should i switch from GTK

matrixermatrixer USMember ✭✭


I have been using GTK as the means of creating GUI for Mac Applications.But system.drawing has been broken and there are issues with Font Loading and stuff.I think the new coregraphics addresses these issues.

Is Xamarin.Mac free for Indivdual Users ? And can i use Visual Studio for Mac to create and publish Apps to the App Store or Distribute Packages?

Please advice.


Best Answer


  • matrixermatrixer USMember ✭✭

    @TimothyRisi said:
    Yes, Xamarin.Mac is free for individual (non-enterprise) users. If you take a look at this page, the Xamarin.Mac options match those for Xamarin.iOS.


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