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Display Binding in an Editor in a ListView

I am having an Issue where an Editor that I am binding to in my ListView is Binding correctly but it is not displaying the Binding property's value to the screen on the page's creation. I believe the issue may be due to the value that I am binding to being instantiated with the ViewModel's instantiation. However when debugging the value is loaded in asynchronously, successfully, but still is not displayed. Has anyone else had an issue like this?

The code looks something like this..

In the ViewModel
public async Task Load()
ListElements = await LoadModelsAsync<...>(where: ...., getChildren: true)


In the View

        <Label Text="{Binding prompt}">

          <Editor Text="{Binding ListElementChild.value, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

The Editor here is binding to a child of the Model that I loaded in with the getChildren statement of my LoadModels method. The "prompt" in Label is working fine. But the issue shows up when I try binding to the Child that I loaded in. Just to reiterate, the binding works, but the display does not populate on instantiation of the page. Am I missing something here?

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