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Similar to how AppLinks works, I'd like to have AppShortcuts so that we can implement UIApplicationShortcutItem (iOS 9) or Dynamic Shortcuts via the ShortcutManager (API 25). Apologies in advance, I know there's something in UWP, but I'm not sure what it's called.

iOS Sample
Android Sample

API Changes

public interface IAppShortcutEntry {
    string Label { get; set; }
    Uri AppLink { get; set; }
    ImageSource Thumbnail { get; set; }

public class AppShortcutEntry : IAppShortcutEntry { /* implement interface*/ }

Application.Current.AppShortcuts.RegisterShortcut(IAppShortcutEntry entry);
Application.Current.AppShortcuts.DeregisterShortcut(IAppShortcutEntry entry);


var url = $"{someObject.Id.ToString()}";
var entry = new AppShortcutEntry
    Label = session.Title,
    AppLinkUri = new Uri(url, UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute),
    Thumbnail = ImageSource.FromFile("Icon.png")

Intended Use Case

The use case is pretty obvious. I'd like to see Forms add support for some of the nice features found in the newer platform APIs. This is a step in that direction, and this feature would really bolster app that are using frameworks like Prism.


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