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I cant get data from web service to emulator Android and IOS too

HI i was doing project like this here is link
And when i did everything and run the application in Android and also in Ios emulator i have no data from webservice database when i use normal local list it works.
Here is my code

Please help i need to do this project.


  • student1234student1234 PLMember

    I have found witch debugger that when i go to var json = await httpClient.GetStringAsync(WebServiceUrl);
    it do not go to json deserialize but back to EmployeeService why?

  • DarshanJSDarshanJS USMember ✭✭✭✭

    Built in emulator will not able to get response from web service because internet is not available in them, you can check that by browsing any links in chrome browser in your AVd, if it is not connected then it is issue with AVD ,create Avd from Android SDK's , or else use genymotion.

    I think this will solve your problem

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