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Reference a Java SDK in Xamarin?

(I'm completely green to Android Studio, and I reference it here because it's the only way I have access to the SDK I need in my Xamarin App)

So, I have a java SDK which I've been given access to, which I have added to an Android Studio "Hello World" project via a Maven URL and a compile directive (in the build.gradle files).

How would I go about extracting this SDK from the project so that I can use it in my Xamarin.Android app?

Sorry this is so open ended, but I'm quite lost here.


  • SunilBhagwat.4962SunilBhagwat.4962 USMember ✭✭

    Dear LanceKing

    Android studio is a separate software, Xamarin visual studio is different and Xamarin studio is also different . Java SDK is installed in programs and if you are using xamarin visual studio setting is given in Tools --> Options --> Xamarin
    from where you can change version of sdk. below image will show you settings.

    set Java_Home path in system variables.

    to get java sdks in your project.

    Sunil Bhagwat

  • LanceKingLanceKing USMember ✭✭

    Thanks for trying to help here Sunil, but I'm not having trouble with "Java SDKs", it's an SDK "written in Java" that I'm trying to use/reference in my app. I've made a little progress, but now my questions are quite different so I'll just post a new topic.

    Thanks though!

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