Suggestion Menu Size is out of bound

The menu popup during method or property writeup is getting out of bound and user is not able to see suggested/available items in the menu window.

Please Correct it asap.



  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    A couple of issues with the size/position on the code completion popup on certain multi-monitor systems were fixed recently, though the fix has not yet been released. Please file a bug if it still happens with the next stable release, and include details of your monitor sizes and relative positions.

  • @mhutch,I do have latest Xamarin Studio and this is happening so lets wait for the release.Thanks

  • It happens to me too. Basically all the time. Tried to switch of automatic IntelliSense and use it only with Ctrl-Space but that doesn't help either.

    I'm on Mac and not running a multi monitor setup here.

    Could you add a version in which a fix is expected? So that we can report a bug when its not fixed?

  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    It should be fixed in anything after 4.1.13, AFAIK.

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