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The connection with the debugger has been lost

LuisFlores.5879LuisFlores.5879 USMember ✭✭
edited January 2016 in Visual Studio

Xamarin Studio crashed while I was debugging an android version of my forms project. Now when I try to debug with iOS I get this error: "The connection with the debugger has been lost. The target application may have exited.". The error is only visible when debugging with an iOS device.

Nothing I try is working, the connection to the debugger keeps dropping. (emulator works fine and the debug version installed in the device works).


  • LuisFlores.5879LuisFlores.5879 USMember ✭✭

    It has been fixed !! :smile:

    Ok, I accidentally did a update solution. this caused hell to break loose (never manage your repository from Xamarin Studio). A stash was created and it corrupted my android solution.

    Android solution would not even pull up because I got a message about starting a file name with "<" which was true as Xamarin studio wrote to my files a bunch of <<+++++++=== symbols. (went in and delete all the lines).

    then iOS wouldn't debug on device ( connection would time out) I pulled up source tree and force deleted the stash, then I clean up my build and manually recover my changes. now the debugger links with my iOS device.

    A side effect is that now source tree gives out an error when I try to push changes and commits. (this is not hard to fix ...)

  • pragiyapragiya LKMember

    I also had a similar issue and delete all break point and then it work charm.thanks VissuDhyaram for your sharing.

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