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app-environment keeps flipping back to development

BenBucklandBenBuckland NZUniversity

Hi All, I have developed a Xamarin Forms application that has push notifications enabled. I had no trouble getting this working in development. I am now ready to distribute the app and are having major problems with the aps-environment key in the Entitlements.plist file. As soon as I Enable Push Notifications the key is created but I am unable to change it to production.

I have tried all of the solutions that have solved this for other users including completely resetting appid, APN certificates, provisioning profile etc but to no avail.

Any other suggestions of something to try?

Much appreciated



  • JoeProJoePro CAUniversity ✭✭✭

    Seeing as it always reverts back to development when you edit Entitlements.plist from VS4Mac/XS, you have two options.
    1) Make the change and never edit the file again from the IDE.
    2) Right-click Entitlements.plist and open with Xcode (or another editor of your choice).

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