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$?? for write a RESTFUL by ASP.NET core + entity framework core

xamarinxxamarinx SAMember ✭✭

Hello everyone,
I have two databases (sql server and mysql) on hosting

each database has two tables >

the table name = users (userid, username, useraddress) the field userid AUTO_INCREMENT

the second table = images (imageid, imagename, image, userid) the field image = Image or Blob, imageid = AUTO_INCREMENT and userid take it from users table (first one)

I need someone to do RESTFUL Very easily that work fine with any database and response JSON

two activities >

first acivity insert username and useraddress after click insert button insert data in the table users, take the ID for current user and display the second activity

the second activity select the image from gallery and write image name then click insert button to insert data maybe one or two or many images for a user.

for Android and ios

How many days and how much to implement its?

(Attention to security and speed in dealing with the server)


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