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Downgrade Xamarin.iOS version in Visual Studio

jariwalahetaljariwalahetal USMember ✭✭

We have an existing application which is connected to production Mac agent with Xamarin.iOS version 10.8

And in my new PC I have installed Xamarin.iOS with version 10.10.

Now I'm using Mac Agent connection to run from Windows machine to production Mac agent. And It's showing me following error?

** MacBook Pro is not compatible with the local Xamarin.iOS (version 10.10). Double click here to select a new server.**

Now I don't want to upgrade my Production Mac machine.

Is there any way to downgrade the Xamarin.iOS in windows machine?


Best Answer

  • jariwalahetaljariwalahetal USMember ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Upgraded the older version to newer is better option


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