SOS. UI Not updating and causing freezes on page, some of the same UI elements work on diff page

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Ok so the Xamarin.Forms application I made works great on my tester phone (all Android devices- even though it is a Xamarin.Forms application. IOS is not a platform i am supporting because I use serial ports), I put it onto another an well.. not so much. The first page in my navigation stack opens and runs as expected. Its a Masterdetail page with 3 slide menus (default left slider which comes with the master detail page, a bottom menu from SlideOverKit nuget, and a right slider i made by wrapping the contents of my page in an absoluteLayout and then using animations to slide a content view onto the screen) this all works as expected on bootup. Once I navigate to the next page (push it onto my navigation stack) that page is not able to do animations (ones that are able to be done on the previous page), it is not able to display content views that should appear when a button is clicked (with the .IsVisable property - wrapped in an absolute layout again) even though it registers the click and sets the property to true and if i set the IsVisible = true in the page initialization it appears in its correct place and with the right functionality (though it wont disappear when IsVisible =false ) , and then once I navigate to the first page again it is in a similar state - the UI elements (animations and menus) wont work anymore... Any ideas. The app works perfectly fine on my other device. I thought originally it might be the API of the device (the one that works is 23+ and the one that doesn't is 22) but the animations and Absolute layout work on the first page - so its not that its unsupported... Any ideas?

PS if code is needed I can post it, but i really didn't know what sections would be useful.



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    i think your first step should be to create a new test project, and mimic the functionality your main project is doing.

    from your description, your second device is having issues with basic XF functionality, so there is probably something else going on.

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    @JulienRosen Thanks for the quick response. I tested on two more devices just to be sure (one with Api 22 and one with Api 23). 23 worked, but the one on 22 had the same issues. Oddly though, the contentviews don't physically show up but their elements are still clickable. So for example I hit the button that should open the contentview over the page and nothing appears on the screen, but if I click were the picker should be within the invisible the content view the picker options open - even though the picker was not visible to click on... I'm going to start trying your earlier suggestion, but this new discovery might point to something else, so I just wanted to update the post. Let me know if you have any more ideas

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    OKAYYY so I figured it out, but I still don't understand why it caused an issue.... So apparently the second page didn't like being pushed onto the first page. I changed it from being a push async onto the navigation stack to just replacing the navigation page entirely with the second page and then doing my own navigation controls by overriding OnBackButtonPressed(). I have no clue why this was the issue, but now all animations and UI elements are appearing and working. Anyone got any ideas why???
    And thank you @JulienRosen, breaking it down and going to the basics helped me figure out what it was (because I would have never thought that pushing something onto the navigation stack would have done it -sigh). I'm new to Xamarin and mobile app development in general, so learning new methods to debug and break down errors and issues is priceless ^^

    But seriously, anyone have any clue why it wasn't working???

    Unicorn7 Out ;)

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